Welcome to 10xJava.dev

The hub for contributing to the '10x Java Developer' book

We're using github to collate all the ideas and suggestions from Java developers and enthusiasts who want to contribute their knowledge and insights towards creating a comprehensive guide for advanced Java development.

About the Project

'10x Java Developer' is a project aimed at harnessing the collective expertise of the Java community. Your insights can help shape the future of how we become better developers. How we improve our software engineering skills and our teams ability to work together, deliver faster and have fun

The detailed reasons behind the book are here

Since we're trying to crowd-source the wisdom of many people it's likely impractical to split any proceeds from this effort. Our commitment is to recognise every contributor and contribute any net royalties from the sale of this book to FooJay.io (producing the book is unfortunatley not free)


Currently in 'concept' phase - just getting ideas an contributors connected

Ideas, Tips, Warnings, Hard lessons, Insight - we want it all

Here are some of the latest suggestions

The rest are here

How to Contribute

If you have a technique, tip, or any Java-related insight that you believe should be featured, we encourage you to submit your ideas and write-ups here Or come visit us on the Foojay slack (see below) and talk to us.